Siesta Slots

Illustration, Character Design, Mobile Game
A visually appealing mobile game that combines a virtual slot machine with match-three gameplay.
Scope of project


The scope for this project was creating a fun and cute circus themed mobile game that mixes slot machines with match-three gameplay. The app needed to look shiny and colourful, but more elegant than most of the gambling games on the market in order to engage a wider audience. Creating the UI was also challenging, as we needed to place many buttons and controllers on the screen that matches the game’s style, yet keep it not too overcrowded.



They hired a game designer, developer, producer and me as a UI designer and illustrator for this project. My main tasks were sketching, creating visual concepts, character designs and deliver all the final graphic assets that are necessary for the game working closely together with the rest of the team.

Sketches, Concept & Characters


In the beggining I was only doing a lot of sketches to create concepts and moodboards for the main game. Once the main theme of the game was approved after several consultations with the lead game designer and creative director, I started to ideate a lot about potential bonus games, and characters.


We also needed to finalize the kind of icons we will use in the main game, to make it consistent with the circus theme and the cute atmosphere the creative director wanted to see.

After several rounds we decided to go with the caravan concept and chose 6 bonus games, also finalized the main characters and their bachround stories, personalities.

Designing the characters was a pretty long process as they needed to be easily animated and modelled in 3D for the bonus games. I draw a lot of sketches, played around with different styles, and iterated those based on the feedback from the creative director. I drew complete sheets representing the character in motion, to show their personality, role in the game. Finally I created a detailed sheets of each character for the 3D artist.

Final Design


After finalising all the characters, mood boards, wireframes, main and bonus game concepts I started created the final polished visual assets. 

This included all the backgrounds, animals characters, symbols, gift icons, buttons, alerts and all other UI elements. I drew all these assets on a digital drawing board using photoshop.

The team chose the circus caravan showing the symbols as the focus of the main game element and we also pick 5 different concepts for mini games featuring all the animal characters. We added power ups in the game play that are loaded by specific symbol matches. Social features were also included in the game, as it can be played in multiplayer mode, players could send each other gifts or power ups.