You are Mito

UX/UI, App design, Illustrations
A corporate internal social and networking app created on a 24 hours long hackaton organised by design agency 'Mito'.
Scope of project

Mito organises hackatons each year to boost the creativity of the community. Our team came up with an idea addressing an issue of keeping the community tight and welcoming against the ever growing number of new colleagues and departments. The concept was an internal social and networking app where the members of the agency with similar interests can find each other and create events and socialize more easily. 


We had 2 developers, 2 producers/project managers and  myself as a UX/UI designer up this challenge. We managed to ship a quite nicely working protoype in 24 hours.

Discovery & Delivery

Due to the short time we had, we begin with a quick workshop to create a feautre matrix, and define what is manageable in the 24 hours timeframe.
I created quick sketches on a white board of the main screens and drew a basic userflow including registration, onboarding, basic profile settings, event creation and application, and a minimalistic rewarding system.


After this part i jumped into creating the final UI as we didn't have time for creating a low resolution wireframe or protoype. The app uses categories chosen in the very beginning during the onboarding process to match the user with the colleagues having the most similar interests. The home screen offers events labeled with those categories, while the user can also create events and invite others from here.

The most socially active members are rewarded with playful company vouchers (extra holidays, free lunch, pranking colleagues, etc.) by collecting points from showing up on events or organising new ones. The app users can also climb on a 'social ladder' (pin intended) and gain labels as 'bar baron' or 'party pope'.