Branding, Visual Identity, Graphic design
Challenging the old-fashioned visual style of home-cooked meal restaurants by with a fresh and urban brand based focusing on a traditional polish dish called 'pierogi'.
Food BOX_2.png

Restaurants selling traditional and home-cooked meal style food usually don't look too appealing. Which doesn't really make sense, since most of us have good connotations regarding  As a graduation project I wanted to challenge this concept and create a fresh and urban brand for a traditional polish dish called 'pierogi' (filled dumplings).​



I started with gather images of traditional polish folk patterns, potteries, clothings. Especially potteries had a really distinctive dark blue-red-white colour palette, that I wanted to use in my design. I also looked for symbols, that appeared most often on folk art pieces, those were usually flowers, birds, and also the heart shape



I was sure I wanted to reflect to some of the traditional polish folk symbols in the logo, yet also refer to the dish itself as a base shape. So playing around with it I figured I could combine a simplified geometric dumpling motif and a heart shape to create a characteristic yet unique emblem.



Colors & Typography


It was pretty obvious that the main colours will be white red and blue based on the traditional polish hand made potteries and clothings, so I chose tones of these as the core colours of the brand. For typography I went for 'Eurofurence' that was in harmony with the bulky, rounded shapes of the emblem. As a secondary typeface 'Rawengulk' proved to be a good choice with the edgy modern lines to compensate for the boldness of the main font.

Icons & patterns


I designed a set of custom icons for the menu that can be used separately as well as collectively in a seamless pattern.

I also created a secondary seamless pattern from simplified minimalistic folk motifs resembling the traditional polish table cloths.

Printed assets & landing page


After all the main brand assets completed I designed the printed assets needed for a typical restaurant, paper bag, paper box and a paper cup.


I also designed a simple one-pager landing page layout introducing the restaurant.

Shopping Bag PSD MockUp.png