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UX/UI desing
Scope is the most popular online bookstore of Hungary. They had a complex and a bit old fashioned e-commerce site they wanted to modernise both visually and usability wise.


Besides the creating a more modern, clean and responsive interface, they needed help with finding and correcting some of the main painpoints their users had while browsing and purchasing products on the website. They also had some complaints coming from the customers regarding some issues in the purchase process which we could use as a starting point for our discovery.​ The project team consisted of a researcher and me in the role of UX/UI designer and project manager. 

Design process


We started the project with a kick-off workshop involving the client, exploring the main pain-points, talking through customer complaints, business strategy goals, and general expectations. We had ideation sessions as well, to gather insights and possible solutions for some of the main issues. With the help of our UX researcher, we delivered several user interviews and user tests with the target audience. We also collected feedback from the client's customer service, to see what are the most common complaints. We created a low resolution clickable prototype for desktop and mobile. We created a cleaner book listing page, a more minimalistic product page, modified the category filtering system and created a different checkout flow. After delivering several user tests on the low resolution prototype, finding and addressing most of the pain points, we finalised the wireframe and went on with the final UI, based on some look&feel screens we created earlier. ​

All of the main parts of the website (main pages, listing pages, products page, category filtering, check out flow) were designed for desktop, tablet and mobile views, as the platform needs to be responsive. As development was done by another company I created a detailed UI kit with notes and documentation on how to implement the screens and the design assets. All of the completed screens and UI kit have been handed over in Zeplin for development. 

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