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36 Days of Type

Illustrated alphabet series


he 36 Days of Type international challenge invites designers and artists to create unique interpretations of letters or numbers each day to boost their creativity and also bring closer the members of the international design community.

For more info about this challange visit:

I was not really prepared for the challenge when I started it - I just decided to go for it out of the blue last minute -  so I had to improvise a lot. As I had limited time available and the aim was posting 1 letter every day, I opted for a style and colour palette that gives a consistent and visually appealing result, yet allows me to work quickly. I love using blue-red combination on designs, so I limited my main colour palette to shades and tones of these two. I wanted the series to have a cheerful atmosphere, so I went for animals, nature and delightful moments. 

My work has been featured on Affinity Designer's website and in other marketing materials for their 2019 release.

They also featured this project in an interview. Go to interview >

Hype&Hyper, a Hungarian design blog also wrote about this project. Go to article >

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